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  1. Jean-Michel Cazaux, Iron Bird
    Jean-Michel Cazaux, Iron Bird
    " Stéphanie really helped us narrowing down our strategy and sharpening our value proposition. She provided us with valuable advice that helped us articulate our message and focus our communication on key points. She was as well a great asset when we were putting business presentations together. She provided a third party point of view and challenged us so that we could produce clear, slick and understandable presentations. In a nutshell, it was really a plus for our business to have her on our side in those early stages."
  2. Vinciane Mouronvalle Chareille, The Place To Bike
    Vinciane Mouronvalle Chareille, The Place To Bike
    “ Being coached by Stephanie is like looking at myself in a mirror : I can't hide the reality. With faith in the project and a "sharky" kindness, she scans the different business aspects in order to evaluate the accuracy and relevance of my actions, always pushing me forward. ”
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