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French born, I am an executive seasoned vet in Finance and Management.
Having worked both with startups and large corporations, I am able to  bridge these two worlds.
My experience showcases a deep multicultural and growth mindset and a track record for driving growth and performance in different complex environments.
I am passionate about bringing teams and companies to their next level by leveraging talents and resources.
You have a next big thing project,   you are a fast growing company and you need an experienced and thoughtful Partner to help you grow to the next step.
We will define the add-on support that you need and defy the sky
You are looking for a Business Partner who will lead your venture's Performance and help you grow to the next level.
Even if you cannot afford a full time CFO, you would definitely benefit from a cutting edge experience 
You have global ambitions for your venture. You want to conquer the World...or let's say you want to enter the US market.
We will find the good connections and easier Go to Market strategy for your company

  • Business mentoring
  • Board definition
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Executive summary
  • Pitch preparation

  • Strategy definition
  • Business Plan
  • Investors documentation
  • Pricing, business modeling
  • Process definition
  • Strategic staffing

  • Industry connections
  • Market analysis
  • Pre-launch strategy
  • Risk assessment
  • Operations

Why me?
  1. Problem Solver
    Problem Solver
    There are no problems, only solutions. I will look at your business with a pragmatic and down-to-earth approach. No consulting talk, no fluffy words, but efficient and accurate solutions.
  2. Figures Lover
    Figures Lover
    Some people don't like numbers, I DO... ...and I am pretty good at them.
  3. Global Thinker
    Global Thinker
    I have a deep multicultural mindset, and a true global approach on current trends, customer needs or new ideas. For your business, I will never take a narrow angle, but more likely push you to get the bigger picture.
  4. Avid learner
    Avid learner
    I have never stopped learning, through corporate trainings or own paced courses. I just keep tackling new subjects. Learning about your industry, your market, technology will go pretty fast.
  5. Extra Miler
    Extra Miler
    I am highly focused and extremely determined. We will set up together ambitious yet achievable targets to make sure that we get the best of your venture. And I will always go the extra mile...
  6. Inclusive Leader
    Inclusive Leader
    I have led large teams and projects, with people from various backgrounds and nationalities. I know how to get people feel at home in a team, how to build relations based on trust and competencies.
  1. Performance
    Business Development Projects Finance, Head of Performance & Financial Planning
    Skills: Negotiation, Business Model, Strategic Planning, Dashboards, Data analytics
  2. Finance
    VP Finance, Senior Controller, BU Manager, Spin-off CFO, Financial auditor
    Skills: IFRS Consolidation, Executive Board, Governance, Cash Management, M&A, Financial Planning, Team Management
  3. Innovation
    Startup Coach and Advisor, Co-Founder Evanove, Accelerator Board member
    Skills: Coaching, mentoring, Corporate Innovation, lean startup, design thinking
  4. International
    Management positions held in the US and Europe. Deep multi-cultural awareness
    North America, Europe, Latin America, South Africa, India, China
You can view and download my complete resume  here
For many years, I have been deeply involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem both in the US and in Europe, either as Coach, Advisor, judge in innovation challenges or Board member of a French incubator.
I have also dedicated time for various initiatives related to fostering growth and entrepreneurial mindset among students or empowering women at work through mentoring.
Here are some teams and projects I have coached over the last years. Those ventures were at various maturity levels and cross-industries. They also had very different needs that we focused on during the coaching process.
  1. Brand, strategic marketing, coaching, motivation
    Health & Well Being
    I am currently coaching Envie de Zen for the development of a very new service in the Health and Well Being sector. We are focusing on Strategic Marketing, Brand positioning and definition of the solution.
  2. executive summary, commercial deck, mentoring
    App / Mobile development
    I helped Iron Bird sharpen his executive summary and commercial deck for an higher impact on potential partners and customers.
  3. early stage, project setup, partnership
    Sharing Economy "Maison des artistes"
    Early stage project. I am helping the two co-founders, Audrey and Juliette, to define their strategy, vision and business model. We also work on how to build efficient partnerships and valuate their future competitive advantage.
  4. The next one is ...YOUR VENTURE
    The next one is ...YOUR VENTURE
    If you want to know more about working together, let's get in touch !
  1. Jean-Michel Cazaux, Iron Bird
    Jean-Michel Cazaux, Iron Bird
    " Stéphanie really helped us narrowing down our strategy and sharpening our value proposition. She provided us with valuable advice that helped us articulate our message and focus our communication on key points. She was as well a great asset when we were putting business presentations together. She provided a third party point of view and challenged us so that we could produce clear, slick and understandable presentations. In a nutshell, it was really a plus for our business to have her on our side in those early stages."
  2. Vinciane Mouronvalle Chareille, The Place To Bike
    Vinciane Mouronvalle Chareille, The Place To Bike
    “ Being coached by Stephanie is like looking at myself in a mirror : I can't hide the reality. With faith in the project and a "sharky" kindness, she scans the different business aspects in order to evaluate the accuracy and relevance of my actions, always pushing me forward. ”
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